to appear to disappear

Like ‘big brother’ before it, the word ‘Anonymous’ has come to mean a great deal of things beyond its original intention. Technology has become such an integral part of our lives that what started as a crude, pan-offensive and hold-no-punches image posting site, 4chan.org has manifested itself in such a way that it is often touted on national news. The now household renowned hack-tivist group ‘Anonymous’ has taken a very key ingredient of the internet and, like batman before them, used it as a symbol for a special kind of justice.
So far they have stood for freedom of speech, the press and are currently inspiring jealousy in the ranks of law enforcement by toppling child porn rings like they were dominoes. These determined, skilled and seemingly organized net-vigilantes follow a paradoxically strict-yet-loose set of rules:

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

How do they succeed where our established institutions fail? How can they juggle the seriousness of FBI criminalized hacking with glib showmanship? The clue’s in the name.


going on (at) the game

There is a current furor in the gaming world, a divide of interests and sensibilities. On one side fire-fueled overzealous, liberal feminist posers facing off against the might of machismo ingrained in the hyper-privileged white male stronghold. War cries stream across no (wo)mans land as this hoard of harpies, armed to the teeth with history’s oppression and rhetoric storm the time honored Bastille of male-oriented, by-rights, verbose and staunch sexists; an ancient brotherhood of solidarity ready to unearth the inalienable truths of hidden succubae agenda.   
The sad truth of the matter is that this fight is fought by neither of these stereotypical champions at arms because, quite frankly, neither exists.