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In 2006 the BBC produced a dramatic interpretation of Sondheim’s opus Sweeney Todd, removing all music and giving the demon barbers role to Ray Winston. This version – added to the wide and varied list of adaptations to the story – claimed a further visceral look into the life of Benjamin Barker by taking away any previous frivolity and cutting back to the harsh realities of a man driven to murder.
When asked about his crimes Mr. Todd coolly answers:

“… At first I did it because I could, and then I did it because I couldn’t not.”


this horse bears no gifts

There are and have been many calls for the retelling of Greek myths, they undermark the basis of so many stories throughout history; they formed a view of the world which seems to transpose itself across the ages. Today one can easily see Prometheus as 80's CEO who gave away all his stock (and thus unimaginable future power) of an early grassroots dot com which lead to his eventual bankruptcy, now he lies on a central park bench destroying his own liver on a daily basis with whichever cut-price gut-rot dulls the pain best. Sadly it seems the story of the Hydra has almost reversed itself, having banded together a brave collective of 10 million Heraclean souls to fend off the dual heads of SOPA and PIPA, they appear to have combined into the frighteningly ambiguous and demonstrable CISPA