nanowrimo - week two

And so the writing continues. 
This blog is the second in a series following my experiences joining the other plucky individuals across the globe participating in National Novel Writing Month.
The challenge: write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November.
Check the links below for the previous weeks blogs:

At the end of the second week I have to admit, right off the bat, that the challenge has become harder.
The writing itself has not been the chore, the idea is still strong, and the various scenes are still exciting enough to me that they are not causing too much of a struggle to keep the pace going.
No, the problem is with the rest of my life. 
I didn't manage to make the Saturday meet up last weekend as I was spending some wonderful time in our nations capital with the beguiling Miss F. (I know she reads this so its in my best interest to be charming) I have however dropped in on the Nottingham forums in passing and have been privy to some amazing feats of literary gymnastics the likes of which I would never have previously believed.
By the beginning of week two there was at least one Notts based participant at the palatial count of 30k words. Amazing! A brief stint in the chatroom and I was informed of a secret by a fellow 'nanoer', lean in close and I'll share it with you.
It's really easy to write if you are unemployed.
Which brings me back to my current performance. I have been treading water all this week, breaking the surface of required words through sheer force of will and little else.
A working week is manageable and, in fact, not particularly inconvenient in allowing one to hit the word counts, but this week after finishing work and getting in at 6pm I have then been at the Theatre Royal lugging around artificial houses on the set of 'Fiddler on the roof' from 7 'til 11.
Now, this is not a complaint, for all of my jesting on being shanghaied into the role of stagehand, it has been a lot of fun and at the very least interesting. But when arriving home at 11.30 and thinking about sitting down to bang out a 'quick two thousand words' before bed I seem to immediately double my fatigue.
Tomorrow, after cutting short my 11am meeting with the Notts NaNoWriMo chapter, there is a 2pm matinee and a 7pm performance until I will be bidding 'שלום' to Fiddler and be free to write away long into the encroaching winter evenings. 
The plot itself is progressing nicely, with some unexpected scenes turning up to lend a hand, a rather impromptu 'first date' scene is currently helping me hoover up dozens of character traits in one simple piece of dialogue.
I hadn't even thought that a getting-to-know-you scenario would be just as useful to readers as it is to the participants in a real first date.
So, we're broaching the big 20k this weekend, hopefully by Sunday I can put myself firmly back on track and possibly a little ahead.

I have been asked by at least one person if they can read it when the 1st of December comes around so I propose a grand unveiling of the 50k words in pdf format to download in the first blog after the month turns over.

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