nanowrimo - week four

It can't be all bad!
This blog is the fourth in a series following my experiences joining the other plucky individuals across the globe participating in National Novel Writing Month.
The challenge: write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November.
Check the links below for the previous weeks blogs:

This week marks the final blog of November in which I will be a willing participant of national novel writing month. By today I and the tens of thousands of other aspiring writers spanning the globe will be hoping to have written over 41k words.

It's been a fairly long haul but not a difficult one by my reckoning.
My word count has been back on track this week and I'm proud to say consistently above par. I think this is because as I spoke about last week I have been planning for this part of the novel. By 1am Saturday morning I had set my lead character up in their most perfect moment, everything he had wished for by starting his journey in page one had come to fruition and unbeknownst to him I was plotting to destroy it all.

This week began what I'm thinking will be the second third of the novel where my lead gets thrown insurmountable odds and falls quickly down a spiral of self destruction. This has been a comparatively prolific part to write, this was the plan all along, give him what he wants in order to snatch away what he took for granted. Setting up the characters in part one, making them believable and human, someone you could root for an care about, attempting to make you sympathetic to their causes that was hard work. If I was going to make things bad for them in the future you needed to care about them now.

So on Saturday evening I sat down and set about my diabolical plan, first was the set up then I had to kill off my first character. I wanted their death to be difficult and heartfelt and I must admit it was no easy task.
I had created this person, given them personality and desires and now I wanted, no needed, them to struggle and try and ultimately fail in saving themselves. When I finished the relatively trivial thousand words detailing the ordeal I was in all honestly, emotionally drained. Those writers who let their characters rule the roost and do what they wish, this would not have worked for me in this situation. If my character were given a choice they could have survived, they desperately wanted to live.

But that is their lot in their fictional life and it is mine as their creator and destroyer. It may sound a little soft but I honestly felt for this character, it was quite painful to put them through that struggle. But that is something which I am partially proud of, if it weren't a struggle to write then I clearly wouldn't care for these characters and then the act of writing itself would become futile. I have a story to tell and in order for it be important to even one person you need to get people invested.

So five more days to hit the big fifty thousand and it seems pretty achievable still. I still need to sit down and work out the later third of the plot and it would seem that I'll need to continue long into December to actually finish his tale. But a routine has now been setting in to the evening writing which has been a nice side benefit in finding some long hidden away dedication.

Next week I'll be uploading the full 50k words, it will be obviously unfinished, full of typos and without an ending but for better or worse, if you are willing you may read. 
Until Friday then. 



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