now new news - 11.11

In the upcoming month this blog will fall a little silent as outside commitments take up a large proportion of my time and life.
Firstly I will be taking part in national novel writing month, which involves an attempt to write 50,000 words over the thirty days of November. I have had a solid concept for a novel knocking around for years now but never any inclination to sit down and actually type the thing. NaNoWriMo seems to bring a stronger sense of community to the process rather than the singular author sitting alone in a room, and with Miss F successfully following her dream in our nations capital I have a lot more time on my hands and a necessity to be social in light of her absence.
I'm not sure if I'll update the blog with what is being written, would anyone want to read a blog a quarter of a novel at a time? Answers in the comments if you have them.

Also in November I am assisting a friend who is stage managing a production of 'Fiddler on the roof' at the Royal centre, which will eat into my evenings (and precious writing time I might add) but a friend in need... as they say. Either way it should be fun or at the very least different and interesting.

On the musical palette, artwork has been coming in from OhBrightBlack - my current collaborator working to produce images for a hopeful release of '...in place of the light'. The photographs she is taking are, as is her style, uniquely beautiful as you can see and I am pleased, humbled and thankful to see this coalesce into a fully formed package.

Also possibly on the way, whether pre or post the release of '...in place of the light', maybe another project which I'm not going to espouse too much about but here is a sneak peak at the artwork. The artist has been amazingly dedicated and fast and when I have more details, i.e. name/weblink, I'll let you know so we can all bask in his glory.

Until next month I'll sign off, thanks to everyone who has read this blog since it's inception it has been a lot of fun writing it and I hope to have more for you come December.

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