now new news - 11.11

In the upcoming month this blog will fall a little silent as outside commitments take up a large proportion of my time and life.
Firstly I will be taking part in national novel writing month, which involves an attempt to write 50,000 words over the thirty days of November. I have had a solid concept for a novel knocking around for years now but never any inclination to sit down and actually type the thing. NaNoWriMo seems to bring a stronger sense of community to the process rather than the singular author sitting alone in a room, and with Miss F successfully following her dream in our nations capital I have a lot more time on my hands and a necessity to be social in light of her absence.
I'm not sure if I'll update the blog with what is being written, would anyone want to read a blog a quarter of a novel at a time? Answers in the comments if you have them.


addiction to the physical

In the many faiths and doctrines of our wide and varied planet there are a few interconnected ideals, strings of common sense meant to appeal to humanity at a base level. Kindness to others, moderation and the renouncing of material possessions all feature highly across the gamut of both secular and non-secular faiths and where I am wholly in favour of the two former I am a sucker for ignoring if not blatantly defying the latter. I like ‘stuff’, as much as I am told that the key to happiness, creativity and enlightenment itself is to clear out the clutter of my life and live by an ethos of less being more I have quite a problem giving it all up. I am by no means a hoarder, but like most of us – like you I wouldn’t wonder – I have a penchant for things. I like things that make life easier, things that solve a long term problem, things that mean I no longer have to think about the thing itself.


another dimension...new galaxy?

Those not of a geeky persuasion (if that is you, thank you for gracing my blog with your acceptably cool self!) may not have heard a large hubbub in the nerd community regarding the release of the star wars saga on blu-rayI thought I loved the Lucas lunch-ticket that is star wars as much as the next man, but I would be sorely mistaken with regard to the nuances which are causing the collective vitriol of the geek community to rise such as has never been seen before. Granted Lucas has made some major blunders in his days as he rode about on Lando’s dashing cloak tails, but adding an additional “Nooo!” here or there does not really undermine the emotion of an individual scene or the scope of the overall saga. I am currently here to offer a small saving grace to Mr Lucas in this bleak hour of fanboy insurrection in the form of a trend which has been darkening our screens far worse than repeated re-hashings of star wars ever could.