monologue on man-boy misconceptions

So after reading this this week and not really having a whole lot to write about I thought it about time to correct some issues with the stereotype this particular article is attempting to portray and by doing so shed some light on a few wrongs in the plight of the modern male.
Mr Flett is obviously quite successful, a published author of a self-help book and self confessed ‘Alpha male’ and it would be very easy of me, after only a few cursory clicks through his website, to pick a stereotype which I believe Mr Flett to fall under but I’m not here for eye-for-an-eye retribution, the real issue here is the concept of what constitutes a man in the modern world.


so-called social schism

And so google+ has landed; facebook and yet not.
Having never joined and having withheld my vitriol for facebook since starting this blog, I now have an adequate comparison and reason to espouse my distaste for the social Goliath. I can’t say that I am a particularly social person, I don’t set out to be anti-social by any means and people who I deem to be my friends I enjoy spending time with much like everybody else. Where I differ, I think, is that I don’t really seek out social interaction, I’m very happy in my own company, rarely get bored or lonely and generally quite like being on my own.


a month without music

For the better part of a month now I have been without the usual staple of music that has filled my life for the better part of fifteen years.


the orphaned community leader

Picture the scene, an uneven field of technology, like an opening shot from a terminator movie, mangled titanium body parts and jettisoned circuitry strewn across the wasteland.
You are the embodiment of mankind; your fleshy shape stumbles and falls as you strive onwards in a never ending march of progress. The metallic carcasses and blinking rubble surrounding you should make sense, they should be a part of your history, of your memory, but in reality you have no idea how or when you began to walk or how long you have struggled through this mire of technology that hinders your advance.

Sound familiar? Probably not, as by reading this you have embraced one of the myriad of nuances and intriguing aspects of the internet.