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For all of my opinion and rhetoric over the past few months I have mentioned very little of what is actually occurring in my own musical ‘career’ (should such a word be applicable)

As it stands I have quite a few commission based game soundtracks which are pipelined at the moment, almost too many to cope with the supply / demand dynamic but I am endeavouring to appease all at once.
The ‘Portal: Awakening’ team have been quiet for some time since switching to the new Portal 2 game engine, I imagine there is a lot of work involved in the porting over of everything they had already achieved. That coupled with the hours spent actually playing Portal 2 will slow anyone’s progress down!
A member of the P:A team has been in touch about additional tracks for the game score and some ambient stuff for his own level set.
Also in a Portal vein, the three tracks I had created – under the not so thinly veiled influence of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack – for ‘The cubes of aperture laboratories’ (COAL) mod are now up for grabs to anyone who can use them. The mod itself has been shelved so if there are any modders reading this that need a quick fix of original music feel free to contact me.

One door closes and another opens it seems because while ‘COAL’  has shut down, the very interesting and mind bending ‘Escher technologies’ has asked me to start on their soundtrack. All the while I am attempting to spend more time on the ‘Warzonesoundtrack which I got on board with late last year, so the commission side is pretty tight at the moment, which is great news and I am thankful and grateful to all over at moddb who have given me so much scope and trust over the past year.

Further to that it looks as if I have bagged one amazing artist to work on the cover art for the eternally postponed release of my first full length album ‘…in place of the light.’

Known online as OhBrightBlack her photography and beautifully understated and muted style caught my eye a while ago and while we are still in the early stages of getting something together I’m  sure you’ll agree that her work is worth what little 
promotion I can offer. Please spend some time looking through her photos and commenting and praising it if you have a few minutes, all artists need feedback.

Underneath all of that I am still writing the occasional original piece with a view to eventually compiling them into a second full length release.

Work in progress title ‘The centre must hold.’ Opinions?

I’ll be updating twitter as more tracks become available and with more news about the release of ‘…in place of the light’ when it becomes more of an imminent prospect. All that aside my thanks each and every one of you for reading / listening, everyone’s eyes and ears are appreciated.

- new now

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