now new news - 06.11

For all of my opinion and rhetoric over the past few months I have mentioned very little of what is actually occurring in my own musical ‘career’ (should such a word be applicable)


sights/sounds of our time

Recently I have taken to listening to regular, band produced albums less and becoming more and more enamoured with soundtracks.
This can be partly blamed on the video game soundtracks I am currently undertaking and partly, by what seems to be, the new idiom growing amongst the film industry of understanding just how important an interesting and cohesive soundtrack is to the over-arching nature of film as an experience. 
So I wanted to share with you my views on the changing shape of film scores and highlight some of the greatest of late.


songs to test by - a review

The first thing that needs to be said is that this is not Portal 1, the short lived ambient brilliance of Kelly Baileys work on the original 3 hour puzzlefest created an amazing feel for the isolation and subtly understated storyline of Portal 1. Rarely did it come to the forefront of the experience to show you exactly what Bailey was capable of, he seemed to have kept those moments for the stirring score for Half life 2. The music to portal 1 was emotional but beautifully understated.


meta reporting and the outlawed web

Are you taking part in the new quiet revolution? 

Are you one of a new breed of dissidents and dissenters who are going against the grain, flaunting the law and creating general unrest amongst the countries leaders? 

Have you disclosed the identities of a celebrity with an injunction? 

Through the rise of the social web we are all more connected than we care to understand, all linked by the liberty of our voice in an un-policed environment.


a brief apology Re: 'sights/sounds of our time'

It would seem that blogger and I are at a difference of opinion. I wanted to put up a full post regarding cinematic scores and their evolution, featuring full length versions of feature tracks, blogger begged to differ when I posted 'sight/sounds of our time.'

I will endeavour to finish up this blog and have it back out to you in full in the very near future.
Thank you for your time.