bonus mid-week post - Ulrike and Eamon compliant

You are standing a small loosely constructed room made from chipboard, In front of you there is a large screen showing an interview/interrogation in a room similar to yours. You have a mobile phone in your hand, it does not belong to you but you keep it pressed tight to your ear.
“Now turn and leave the room and head out to the courtyard with the large mirror.” The faceless voice instructs, and you follow obligingly.
Why? Even after the experience I can’t tell you why I willingly walked the streets of Nottingham taking orders from a strong voiced man with exquisite diction. When he asked me to say, out loud, in public
“I am Ulrike and I am a decisive person” I complied despite the obvious embarrassment.


elusive signature in a sea of the free - part 2

In part 1 of this diatribe I spoke about the changes in the music industry over the past decade and how the switch to accepting digital music changed the way in which everyone with ears and a wallet thought about their record collection. Fans wanted free and were willing to flaunt the law to get it, the record companies had few ideas on how to market such a blanket interconnectivity of consumption, the bands seemed to be the only ones benefiting as they stepped away from the labels and made new connections with fans. 


ownership with your head in the cloud

Sometime in the near future the way in which you have access to your media will change significantly; it will pull you away from a legal pitfall which is punishable by considerable remuneration and jail time. All this will change and you won’t even realise that it’s happened.

The Hargreaves report is set to be published this week detailing the need for a change in the currently over stringent copyright laws in the UK. This report was set into motion on the back of a previous report, dubbed 'the google review' stating that technology based companies, such as the modern goliath Google would never have had a chance to start up if they had been founded in the UK due to the current state of copyright regulations. And so in another bid to grasp some modernity and cool for British politics David Cameron commissioned the Hargreaves report. The report itself is an assessment of the way in which both providers and modern citizens of the UK produce and consume media.


clash of tiny titans

Words, Language, they are the reason for our elevation to the highest species on the planet and the reason I can communicate with you here and now. 
The humble book has come a long way since Gutenberg reeled off the first texts from his press and today the battle seems to have begun between the leafy, long standing champion of literature, the common paperback and the young but popular upstart of the ebook.