in depth with the Portal:Awakening OST - part 3

This post follows on from the two previous posts discussing the music from the upcoming portal mod 'Portal: Awakening' in development here;


the why in new now

I suppose now is as good a time as any to give you the rundown of my life in music.
Fret not, this is not some lengthy memoir monologue, rather it has become clear recently that very few members of my friends and family have any knowledge of my musical hobbyism, and a brief description of how, why and when, written here will save all the quarrellings should I become the ego-bloated rockstar who forgets that any of you ever existed. 


in depth with the Portal:Awakening OST - part 2

This feature follows on from the first three discussed tracks from the upcoming portal mod 'Portal: Awakening'. Sadly it would seem that at this time the game will not appear to the general public until after the release of Portal 2, but (now under new management) I'm hoping their hard work will pay off in the near future, that aside please have a look at the glorious screenshots and tidbits they have released so far;


games as art

Music aside, one of my increasingly embedded passions has been computer gaming. I have had the fortunate knack of off-setting myself some five years behind most gaming trends for some time now and its benefits have always treat me well.