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I have only recently begun blogging on other sites that offer various sections to ones online profile. Previous to this, and like many people I would assume, I had not thought my life and by extension thoughts to be of merit or interest to others in any way.
But after seeing the success and ease at which Miss F. over at ‘creative types’ has begun to tell the journey of her career into scenic construction, and at her behest I have decided to begin this blog.
I am prone to over thinking the validity and 
useful-addition-to-my-life quality to any new form of social medium. I have still yet to join facebook (and my varying reasons for this will no doubt appear in another post somewhere down the line) and although blogging sites such as this and wordpress have been around for almost as long as the internet has been available to the everyman, I had only dabbled at best in making any attempt to make my voice heard.
I used to post short, single page, pseudo-rants via myspace’s blog capabilities which, while usually caustic and a little under prepared, I still look back on as being valid arguments. (Once again their ideas and themes may appear here in the future, albeit more polished and with a diction to match my increasing age)
And so, ego aside, I will be attempting to post approximately once a week regarding all manner of things.
Mostly it will revolve around the progress of my musical hobbyism under the pseudonym ‘new now’ and the various impulses, influences and infuriation that I may have on the subject. 
I’ll hopefully be recounting various issues and ideas that are discussed – mainly with Miss F. – that surround the modern world, it’s internet addicted generation, to which I am a constant victim and the plight of creative types in as many fields as I can sympathise with. I’ll also be throwing in various personal reviews of media that I deem important, influential and recommendable.

Beyond that welcome and thank you for listening / reading and until this space begins to fill up find out more about my musical projects here:

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